Blood Glucose Meter - How to use

Our modern, stylish and compact design provides a simple
and effective means of testing the concentration levels
of glucose in your blood (glycaemia)


You should always read the manufacturers instruction guide
prior to use. If you are experiencing difficulty with your blood
glucose reading and these are outside your recommended
levels then you need to seek the advice of your health
professional immediately.
The Test Strip container vial cap should be replaced
immediately after the removal of a test strip, as test strips
can be adversely affected by inadequate storage conditions.
Due regard should be given to the manufacturer’s
instructions reference the recommended storage and
period of use after first opening a new vial of test strips.
The AMTL Blood Glucose Monitoring System is not intended
for the diagnoses of or screening of Diabetes Mellitus, nor for
use with neonates.
Alternative Site Testing (AST) on the forearm should only be
used during steady-state blood glucose conditions.