Blood Glucose Meter

SuperCheck2 is the most cost effective choice for diabetics
require accurate high quality blood glucose testing.



Simple – no coding required
When used with SuperCheck2 test strips.
Less pain
Alternative site testing. The forearm has equivalent results to fingertip testing.
Stylish design
Palm size, easy to read large screen, simple set up for use.
Test strip
Ejection button.
Speaking results function

In clear, audible English, for the visually impaired, children or the elderly.
Alarm reminders
Set automatic reminders for before and after meals.
500 test memory and 7, 14, 28, 60 or 90 day average results.
Easy to use
A simple two-step operation.
Tiny blood sample needed
Quick fill and six second response time.
USB data download and PC software to record test trends.
Auto power
Off when not in use.
Accurate testing
SuperCheck2 glucose test results are comparable to laboratory test methods (within 20%) in 159 patient sample test.